Ryan's Journey

As I reflect on my life journey, it's been much like a golfer navigating a golf course. What I mean by this is there have been times where things were good and I found myself on the fairway, right where I wanted to be. There were other times where I found myself in the rough, sand, or water and in need of a course correction in order to ultimately find my way to my desired destination.  

My personal journey has been full of twists and turns, with every twist and every turn playing an important role. As I reflect back, my journey began when I was 12 years old and run over by a tractor in a farm accident. The journey continued, and at 19 I made the decision to put my college education on hold and spent 2 years coaching in 3 states located in the midwestern part of the United States. This is where I began life coaching and has prepared me well to engage with as your coach and navigate your life circumstances successfully. After two years, I returned to finish my education and obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Behavioral Science in addition to a Master's degree in Human Resources and Business Administration while continuing to coach on life matters. Once I completed my education I spent 6 years as a Human Resources leader in various leadership roles for Raytheon (Fortune 115) and PepsiCo (Fortune 50) organizations. During this time a refined my executive, life, and career coaching skills. I have coached leaders ranging from the first-time supervisor to Vice President. My extensive coaching experiences have prepared me well to partner with you.

At Ryan Westover Coaching, I am excited about the opportunity to meet you right where you are. I believe that together we will explore, uncover, and create the legacy you want. I recognize that what is important is you and that is why I am committed, as your coach, to focus on you! In the words of Tom Landry "A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you always knew you could be". If you're ready to go places you've always wanted, then complete and submit the information in the contact section below so we can schedule your coaching consultation session and get started!


  • Marshall Goldsmith 360 Global Leadership Assessment 


  • Trained as a Co-Active coach through Coaches Training Institute (100+ hours of training)

  • 8 years of life coaching 

  • 6 years of coaching in fortune 125 organizations 

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